Saturday, January 28, 2012

NYNY Week 7, part 2

Continuing right along, I took a nice long shower and got all clean and nicely groomed while directing love to each part of my body, which is always nice. I'm pretty good about doing that on a regular basis, and I'm okay about taking care of doctor visits and the like, although I should see my dentist more often. What I'm not good at is basic daily self-care. I fall off the wagon with things like getting enough sleep, or eating real meals, or getting physical activity. I start a good routine, and then lose it. My biggest hurdle right now is meals--often I get home after work and the kitchen has been left messy by my housemates, or I'm out of groceries or just too tired to deal with food. So I've made up a shopping list and plan to get a bunch of frozen stuff that cooks quickly. We don't have a microwave, so it'll be more along the lines of those skillet meals of pasta and veggies with sauce, or something. Not the absolute best, but a sight better than skipping dinners. I'm also going to up my meditation time with a goal of relaxing more before sleep and sleeping more soundly. Once I move, I'll also be looking into some kind of weekly physical activity, which I'm sure will help.


  1. Self care is so important, I'm glad you're doing work to help with that!

    1. It's going surprisingly well this week--not only dinners, but exercising,and this morning I actually got up and cooked eggs for breakfast! Now to just keep up the momentum.