Sunday, February 5, 2012

NYNY Week 8

This has been a rough week. Good, in a lot of ways--I've talked to my bosses, and had a really good interview, and my housemate finished doing my paperwork and did a beautiful job--but I'm exhausted.

Last night my coven did a beautiful ritual (which was hard, because I realized on a new level how much I'll miss these people that have so rapidly become family), for which one of my covenmates and I made the best jam cookies. (Our coven believes in food.) After the cookiemaking we did some divination that says that the path I thought I was on may be shifting direction. I'm not sure how to take that or ride with it, but I'm just supposed to keep moving, according to Deb, so I'm just going to reopen to possibilities and keep my chin up, my eyes open, and my feet moving.

I will be continuing my rock work, my divination, my meditations, and my moving prep. I'm stating for the record, though, that if the direction needs to be different than I originally planned, I'd rather be somewhere awesome and perfect for me than someplace I thought was right but will be disappointed by.
In that spirit, I offer an uplifting piece of my childhood:


  1. Chin up, Eyes open, and Feet moving should be another NY NY motto imo. Good work!

    1. Yay, I came up with a motto! Thanks, Deb. :)