Saturday, January 28, 2012

NYNY Week 7, part 1

This week's prompt is about glamour and the way we care for our bodies and present ourselves. I've been plotting a wardrobe revamp for a while, so it's nice to sort it all out and write it all down. This is the list of Things I Want, having been considered for style, comfort, appropriateness to job, and general awesomeness. These would mix in well with the geeky t-shirts and broken-in comfort wear I already have.

  • Corduroy blazer or sport coat
  • More black sweaters! Cotton, wool, lots of different weights and cuts. Probably a few other colors, too.
  • Plain button-down shirts, preferably without pockets. Short and long sleeves, natural fibers, in COLORS.
  • Dark wash, relaxed fit jeans, properly tailored.
  • Khakis/Dockers, properly tailored.
  • A suit, probably black. (No, I don't own one.)
I'm finally in a good place with shoes. I own one pair of winter boots, one pair of low all-weather boots for daily use, an identical pair for dress wear (I wear shoes out really quickly and have a hard time finding ones I like, so when the dress pair gets worn down they'll transition to daily use), and a pair of good trail sneakers. That's it. I probably need to get more belts and ties, but they're not in daily rotation at this point so the ones I have are holding up ok. My beloved, butter-smooth, beaten up, vintage leather jacket could use some TLC, but is perfectly serviceable.

The point of the whole revamp is to present myself as more self-assured and comfortable. I want my whole wardrobe to be mixable--no "these pants don't go with that shirt." Everything should fit, and I should be able to pull out an outfit that can go anywhere in less than 10 minutes.

Self-care and grooming stuff coming up later or tomorrow in a separate post. This was fun!


  1. I like the idea of a completely mixable wardrobe :) And a suit is always a good investment imo! Good work!