Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYNY Week 4

Relax, Don't Do It was our prompt this week. I am often self-indulgent, so I decided to choose my acts carefully to be not indulgent of my laziness or little whims, but truly be nice to myself:

  • Instead of spending my extra day off lazing around in PJs, I took a quick, wonderful trip to [New City]. I left a letter of petition for the city spirits, but also bought new shoes and grabbed one of my favorite breakfast treats and walked a lot and rode the subway and slept wonderfully and felt so amazing.
  • Instead of spending yet more time on the internet procrastinating on things by playing games I don't really enjoy, pretending that I was just taking a little break before getting back to work, I started looking at learning Irish through some online freebies, read a lot of books, and played with my cat.
  • Instead of having a junk-food dinner, I bought good beer and yummy finger foods and rewarded myself with actual delicious things that are also less awful for me.
Doing things this way provided a wonderful break, and reminded me not to just snatch at fast-food pleasures because they're easy to get and acceptable to sneak into daily life. I'm looking forward to getting back to work, especially now that I can give myself real rewards again.


  1. The online freebies that teach language aren't so shabby these days. I spent a few weeks learning some Hindi this summer because I'd like to actually understand the Bollywood music I'm listening to.

  2. Yeah, I'm enjoying the "Before You Know It" system. I didn't like it much for Japanese when I tried it a few years back, but it's working well for Irish.

  3. Good on you for following the spirit and not the letter of the prompt! Time well spent!