Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cleaning up my act [NYNY addendum]

Ok. My Big Hurdle in this whole thing is the boxes of paperwork that need to be cleaned out. And yes, they need to be dealt with, but I just. . .it's too much. It's mundane work, but I have a million and one emotions packed into these boxes, and literally touching each piece of paper in order to deal with it makes it impossible. I have hoarded this stuff.

Tonight I had a breakthrough.

I have a physical disability. When something is Just Too Much, it gets outsourced. This week, I needed to outsource the laundry. Tonight I ordered dinner in. I only have so many spoons, and I currently have more money than spoons. Not that I'm rolling in cash, but you can see what I mean. I also currently have a housemate who's looking to bring in some extra cash organizing stuff. Her room is two feet down the hall. It's a match made in heaven. So tonight, we have an appointment to go over what I need and how much it'll cost me. Whatever the price, it'll be a bargain. And it'll get DONE, and I can move on.

I feel sort of like this is cheating, but also like it's the best path to the goal. I've expended so much energy over the years holding onto this stuff that I don't have anything more to give it. Thoughts, fellow Charmers?


  1. Outsourcing is not cheating, especially when you have only so many spoons. It's using your time wisely to get things done. It was something you had to think about and strategize about. It's giving income and experience to your housemate and helping you deal with a difficult issue so good job!

    1. Thanks! My housemate is doing such a fantastic job with this, it's really coming along amazingly and I'm so pleased! Very worth it.