Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NYNY Week 2

This week's post is Goals. My main goal has become moving out of the city I am currently living in. To that end, my goals are the following:

Get a new job in [New City] by Feb. 7.
Get housing in [New City] by Feb 25.

I have broken these processes into time-sensitive steps and put them on a calendar (I use GCal for everything) specifically for this process. It's called MAKE IT HAPPEN and is bright green (dramatically different from my current calendars and also related to thoughts about [New City] and growth). It has deadlines, and it also has affirmative statements like "Hired in [New City] by today!" and "Give notice at [old job] today!" I am making strong use of visualization and keeping my eyes on the prize.

Another big thing I've been doing is associating workings with music. I set an intention that every time I listen to or hum or sing or think of a certain song, or type of music, I am strengthening the magic that will bring me what I want. There is an entire genre that makes amazingly good sense here and gives me a lot of energy to boot, so any time I need to work on a task related to these changes I have a whole Pandora station ready to go.

This weekend I am going to get the scanner set up so I can get to work on the paperwork boxes, and send out at least 5 job applications.

A seven nation army couldn't hold me back. 'Cause I said so. Blessed Yule!

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  1. I love working with music, so setting up a Pandora station for workings is an idea that I may have to steal from you. ;) Good luck with the job hunt and moving!